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Recent changes in the Envirometer

May 2020

  • Years 2026-2030 have been added for the benefit of Envirometer users wanting to make long-term graphs.

April 2020

  • In the CO2-footprints, CO2 compensation is now shown broken down. So there are separate lines for CO2-compensated natural gas and CO2-compensated air travel if you have filled them in separately.
  • Made possible to enter monthly values for floor area (m2) and building content (m3); useful for organizations with many changes in their housing. Make sure you fill in all months!

March 2020

  • Added to Commuter traffic & to Business traffic: specific forms of Public Transport. This allows you to break down Public Transport if it is known how many km employees travel per mode of transport for commuting.
    • train
    • lightrail & underground
    • tram
    • bus
  • Added to Visitor traffic: Electric bicycle

February 2020

  • Added to Passenger Transport: Taxi van on petrol
  • Added to Business Traffic: Taxi (in km or journeys)

Other changes can be found in the archive

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